Being overweight and obese is one of the most serious health concerns today’s generation have. It’s not just about looking good anymore as obesity and extra fat can lead to some serious health issues including heart attack. You might be shocked to hear that obesity is one of the leading causes of fatal health issues. This is the reason why it is the high time that this generation should opt at least one way of staying fit and losing extra weight to attain healthy lifestyle.

One of most effective ways of losing belly fat and overall body weight is practicing yoga hand postures or we can say hasta mudras on regular basis. There are certain and specific hand mudras (which are basically a gesture) that must be attained while practicing yoga or meditation in order to activate the flow of energy through the body that ultimately leads to the weight loss.

How exactly hasta mudras help you reduce weight?

The science behind losing weight through hand mudras is very simple. If you’re aware how mudras work, then you might now that practicing mudras can channel energy more efficiently through the body. Different mudras activate the energy in different organs and those organs start functioning more efficiently and effectively than before.

Therefore, in order to lose weight through hasta mudras, you basically have to improve the functioning of your body organs that are essential for weight loss. Now, to put it in simple words, you have to target digestive system, metabolism, and immune system through mudras so that you can channel sufficient energy to the responsible body parts and make then function more smoothly and efficiently. If all your organs are working efficiently, you will automatically start losing weight faster than normal.

How Effective Are Hand Mudras for Losing Weight?

Well, frankly speaking, relying only on hand mudras for weight loss is not a good idea. You must have a proper diet plan and workout plan for effective results. Hasta Mudras can act as a catalyst to the weight loss plan you have been following. Always remember that weight is lost in the kitchen and therefore eating healthy is most important if you want to lose weight.

Additionally, if you have an ideal weight and you want to maintain it over a long time, then doing only mudras can help you keep your weight in check.

Top Yoga Hand Mudras to lose weight

Though there are many hasta mudras in yoga, but there are top 5 that are really effective in helping you burn fat lose weight really fast than before.

Surya Mudra – The Most Effective Hasta Mudra for Belly Fat Reduction

The first on my list is Surya Mudra that represents the fire element. Practicing this mudra on regular basis increases the flow of fiery energy in your body that boosts the metabolism and increase the vitality to keep your digestive system functioning properly. Furthermore, it is believed that the earth element inside the body is responsible for fat accumulation inside the body. Surya mudra, on the other hand, is known for decreasing the earth element and preventing the fat from being stored in lower back, belly, thighs, and other areas of the body. These two factors make surya mudra the best mudra to keep your body weight under control.

How to Perform Surya Mudra to Burn Fat?

Surya MudraYour ring finger represents the earth element inside your body. In order to lose weight, you must decrease the earth element and that can be done by performing surya mudra by stimulating the ring finger. To attain the surya mudra, place your thumb on your ring finger with the exertion of gentle pressure.

Here is how you practice surya mudra:

  1. Sit comfortably on the floor with your back straight.
  2. Rest both of your palms on your knees with your palm facing upwards.
  3. Attain the surya mudra as specified above.
  4. Make sure that all of your other fingers are straight, only thumb and ring finger must be bent.
  5. Start exerting gentle pressure on ring finger for as long as possible. More pressure you’ll exert on your finger, more fiery energy you’ll release in the body and more healthier your digestive system and metabolism will be.

What should be the ideal duration of practising surya mudra?

Make sure that you practice this mudra daily for 45 minutes for the best results. You can divide it into 15 minutes session thrice a day. Concentration and consistency is the key for the effectiveness.

More Health Benefits of Surya Mudra

  1. Relieving common cold
  2. Eliminating vision problem
  3. Relieving constipation and other digestive issues

Gyan mudra – How it Helps in Overcoming Obesity?

Number 2 on my list is Gyan Mudra. Though this mudra does not directly affect the weight loss, but indirectly it does by relieving the stress and making your body function more efficiently.

How does gyan mudra help in burning fat?

According to the studies, stress is one of the leading causes of becoming overweight or obese. How? Well, you might know one fact for sure that the stress prevents your body from functioning efficiently by interrupting certain body processes. At the same time, it leads people to crave more fast food and over eat. This makes stress the biggest supporter of extra body weight.

Now what gyan mudra does is it helps you reduce stress and relax your muscles. By doing this, it eliminates one of the leading causes of weight gain and keeps your overall body weight in control.

How to perform gyan mudra?

gyan mudraThe key element of gyan mudra is the index finger. Therefore, stimulating index finger by pressing your thumb against it can help you manage stress.

Below are the steps to perform gyan mudra:

  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight.
  2. Put your hands on your knees with your palm facing upwards.
  3. Attain the gyan mudra as described above.
  4. Start applying a little pressure for the stimulation of energy through your gyan mudra.
  5. You can chant “Om” mantra for added concentration.

How long should you perform gyan mudra?

It is ideal to perform gyan mudra 30 minutes a day for the maximum benefits.

Other health benefits of gyan mudra

  1. Relieving mental stress
  2. Enhanced concentration
  3. Healthy lifestyle

Linga mudra – How it’s helpful in weight loss?

Linga is derived from Sanskrit language which means Phallus – Male Sex Organ. This mudra basically helps in increasing the sexual drive in men while also assisting in weight loss.

How does linga mudra help in fat burning?

This mudra helps in boosting the fiery energy inside the body and thus boosting metabolism and keeping the digestive system healthy.

How to perform linga mudra?

As thumb is the main element of this mudra, it can be attained by locking your both hands except the thumb which must face upward.

Here is how you practice linga mudra:

  1. Sit straight with your back facing upwards.
  2. Attain the linga mudra as specified above.
  3. Place your hands in the middle of your lap and try to exert a little pressure on your thumb.
  4. Close your eyes and chant “Om”

How long should your perform linga mudra?

It is ideal to perform this hasta mudra 30-45 minutes a day for the best results.

Other health benefits of linga mudra

  1. Elimination of negative powers
  2. Enhanced sexual desire
  3. Relieved mental stress

Pitta-kaarak or Kapha-naashak mudra Mudra for Fat Burning

Pitta Kaarak is another mudra that plays a significant role in fat reduction by stimulating the body heat to improve digestion and metabolism. This mudra has a reputation of being the most effective mudra for the folks seeking weight loss help.

How does this mudra help in losing fat?

Pitta element of your body is responsible for maintaining the ideal body weight. Pitta-Kaarak or Kaphanaashak mudra is believed to increase the pitta element in your body and decrease the Kapha element that is known for causing excess body weight. By increasing the Pitta humor on body, it directly boosts the metabolism and improves digestive system.

How to perform Pitta-Kaarak Mudra?

pitta kaarak mudraTo attain this mudra, place your ring finger and little finger under your thumb.

This is how you practice Pitta-Kaarak mudra:

  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight.
  2. Place both of your hands on your knees with the palms facing upwards.
  3. Attain the Kapha-Naashak mudra as explained above.
  4. Start exerting gentle pressure on your finger to channel the energy flow through the body.
  5. Chant “Om” manta along for added concentration.

How long should I do this Mudra?

This mudra must be practiced 30-45 minutes a day for the best results. You can perform it by dividing in two or three sessions of 15 minutes each.

Other health benefits of Kapha-Naashak Mudra

  1. Improved eye vision
  2. Improved thyroid condition
  3. Eliminates skin problems
  4. Build self-esteem and enthusiasm

Vayaan Mudra to lose fat

Vayaan mudra is also known as vata-kaarak mudra as it increases the vata humor inside the body that helps in controlling nervous system and several other bodily movements.

How does Vata-Kaarak mudra help in weight reduction?

Vata-Kaarak mudra reduces the laziness and makes you more active. It also helps in boosting your digestive health. This is how Vata-Kaarak mudra helps in burning fat more effectively.

How to perform Vayaan Mudra?

Vayaan MudraThis mudra can be attained by placing the tip of your index and middle finger under your thumb while keeping the other two straight.

This is how you practice Vayaan Mudra:

  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight.
  2. Place both of your hands on your knees with the palms facing upwards.
  3. Attain the Vayaan mudra as explained above.
  4. Start exerting gentle pressure on your middle and index fingers to channel the energy flow through the body.
  5. Chant “Om” manta along for added concentration.

How long should you practice this mudra?

The ideal time of practicing this mudra is 30-45 minutes which can be divided into 2-3 sessions of 15 minutes each.

Other health benefits of Vayaan Mudra

  1. Controls excessive menstrual bleeding
  2. Relieves loose motions
  3. Overcome laziness
  4. Treats oily skin and greasy hair
  5. Treats excessive sweating


Practicing these 5 hand mudras works really well to attain your weight loss goals. If you want these mudras to be effective for your weight loss goals, you have to be very regular and consistent with them. Therefore, make sure that you practice them daily for the recommended time period for reaping maximum health benefits from them. These mudras are recommended by Ayurveda experts for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

You can watch this YouTube Video to learn hand-mudras.